About the ISECON Proceedings

The Proceedings of ISECON is the offical proceedings from the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research, held each fall. Published by AITP's Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG), 401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60611-4267 USA and the Foundation for Information Technology Professionals (FITE).

Copyright for the 1999-2014 proceedings as a collection is held by the AITP Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE). Copyright for prior conferences proceedings as a collection is held by FITE and AITP. Copyright for individual papers is retained by the authors of those papers.

Review Process: Papers were reviewed blindly by at least three independent reviewers and judged on their contribution to the field of information systems education. Papers were either accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected. The authors of accepted papers were required to address reviewer comments in the final version, and authors of conditionally accepted papers provided comments on their revisions to the conference papers chairs for secondary review and evaluation. If deemed necessary by the papers committee, resubmitted papers underwent a third review. Accepted papers that were not deemed ready for full presentation were accepted as works in progress and published either as abstracts only or as short, abbreviated papers. Refereed (accepted) papers are denoted as "Category: Refereed Paper" or "Category: Refereed Work in Progress." All authors were permitted to make final revisions to their papers after presenting but before the proceedings went to press.