2014 ISECON Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

myeducator: Automatic Grading of Excel and Access assignments with Cheater Detection

myeducator-Grove Gove Allen
Brigham Young University

myeducator-Ball Nicholas Ball
Utah Valley University


This workshop is designed for instructors who teach courses using Microsoft Excel and Access. Administering meaningful assignments that students complete directly in the host applications (rather than in product simulations) has historically presented several challenges: assignments needed to be graded by hand so feedback was often slow and inconsistent. For large classes this has been wholly impractical--until now.

MyEducator provides complete collegiate educational materials for Excel and Introductory content for Access with immediate scoring and detailed, fine-grained feedback. Additionally, the system allows for the analysis of the process students take to complete their solutions. But wait, there's more! The system provides sophisticated tools for detecting when students are sharing work, whether they submit another student's work as their own, copy portions of a fellow student's assignment, or just work side by side to produce a single solution. A MyEducator adopter recently used these tools to uncover several large and mature cheating rings as a major public institution.

Participant Preparation
Participants who bring notebook computers will have hands-on experience with the system as well as the cheater-detection tools. Participants who bring existing assignments in Excel or Access will have time with presenters to discuss the process of implementing them in the automatic grading environment.

Presenter Bios
Gove Allen received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2001.  He is currently an associate professor of information systems at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  He is the developer of the automatic grading engine used to provide instant feedback to students on their Excel and Access assignments.

Nicholas Ball received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2005.  He is currently an assistant professor of information systems at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.  He is the author of the training materials in the textbooks for teaching Excel and Access that accompany the automatic grading system.

Recommended Citation:
Allen, G., Ball, N. (2014). Automatic Grading of Excel and Access assignments with Cheater Detection. The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.31 n.3183, Baltimore, Maryland