2014 ISECON Proceedings - Panel Presentation

Reframing Education: Working with the “i” Generations

Michelle Louch
Duquesne University

Dennis Frketich
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

George Stuart Nezlek
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Bruce . Saulnier
Quinnipiac University

Generation Y was the first generation to earn the title “Least Likely to Turn into Your Parents when You Reach Adulthood,” and it appears that the iGeneration will follow those same footsteps. These two generations, both considered Digital Natives, are sitting in classrooms (typically taught by Digital Immigrants) and, in many cases, listening to lectures and being expected to learn in the same fashion as those who sat in classes 50 years ago. In addition to the technological culture difference between Natives and Immigrants is the stereotype that Generation Ys are entitled, difficult, and demanding. This stereotype, backed by academic research, has become part of the expected Gen-Y persona. Shifting the perception of Gen-Y, as well as the iGens, and learning how to work to their strengths instead of forcing them to adapt to traditional education may be part of the solution to the challenges educators face. However, there remains the counterpoint that classrooms do not cater only to the younger generations and that, at any given time, an educator may have three to four generations in the classroom at once. Recognizing that simply using technology to facilitate education for these generations is not enough, this panel will consist of a moderator and three discussants, who will re-visit the concept of traditional education and the role that technology inevitably plays in higher education. As part of the discussion, the panel will look at how connectivity is shaping how we perceive and interact with students.

Targeted Attendees
Post-secondary educators who face multi-generational classrooms and are interested in using technology to enhance education.

Recommended Citation: Louch, M., Frketich, D., Nezlek, G. S., Saulnier, B. .., (2014). Reframing Education: Working with the “i” Generations . The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.31 n.3155, Baltimore, Maryland