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2013 ISECON Proceedings
San Antonio, Texas

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Is Now the time to Bring Business Intelligence into the Curriculum?

Bill Tastle
Itaca College

Bert Longenecker
University South Alabama

David Feinstein
University South Alabama

Jack Guarneri
Paris Technology

Merrill Pierce
Paris Technology

Jack Russell
Northwestern State University

Mark Thompson
Northwestern State University

A paradigm shift has begun in the business school environment that is impacting IS/MIS/IT schools and departments as the demand for graduates competent in data analytics burgeons.  Businesses now collect far more data than they can analyze, and all too often there is no one who knows how to approach the analysis such that something meaningful can come out upon which a decision can be made.  The era of big data is upon us and colleges have been caught unprepared.

This recognition of need has been heralded by a number of companies who advance software designed to assist in the analysis of big data and have been marketing to business.  For the most part, the software products are a re-wrapping of relational database applications, but some are moving in new and novel directions, advocating for a partnership of business and academia.

The role of Business Intelligence in the UG and G curricula has emerged as a viable discipline, and there are some institutions currently providing a major or concentration in the subject.  This panel will discuss the definition of BI and analytics, its historical development, a discussion of how it is to be appended to the IS curriculum, and what tools can be brought into the classroom to provide a meaningful experience and prepare students for BI/analytics positions.  It will also discuss the current supply/demand for BI graduates.

Lastly, the panel will show some examples of how BI tools can be utilized in the classroom and discuss potential business/academic partnerships.

Recommended Citation: Tastle, W., Longenecker B., Feinstein, D., Guarneri, J., Pierce, M., Russell, J., Thompson, M. (2013). Is Now the time to Bring Business Intelligence into the Curriculum?. The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v30 n.2654, San Antonio, TX