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2012 ISECON Proceedings
New Orleans LA

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Workshop Presentation

NetApp: IT Trends and the Implications for Information Systems Education

Mark Conway

David Mei-Sheng Hua
Ball State University


There is a data explosion underway that is fundamentally changing how data is stored, managed and preserved. Data volumes in terabytes and petabytes are now common; it is exabytes and zettabytes that are the new challenge. At the same time, the compelling economics of shared services solutions such as cloud computing and virtualization are transforming how IT services are managed and delivered. Cisco’s 2011 Global Cloud Index study estimates that 50% of IT workloads will be processed “in the cloud” by 2014- just two years away. There is a fundamental shift underway as to how enterprise IT services are being designed and delivered, and this shift has major ramifications on how the next generation of IT staff and leaders should be educated. The skills and technologies that IT-savvy graduates need to understand are evolving rapidly, as are the topics and technologies that Information Technology/MIS programs need to cover. While these new solutions & technologies are being adopted widely by CIOs and businesses world-wide, many schools’ IT-focused programs have been slow to update their courses to reflect the changing IT landscape and to prepare their students for today’s cloud-centric /storage-intensive computing environments.

Topics covered:

Please plan to join this session to learn more about the shared-services paradigm shift in IT, and how NetApp’s innovative industry-academic partnership program is working with faculty members to jump start a curriculum refresh discussion, and develop the next generation of IT leaders.

Workshop Take-aways:

Targeted Attendees
Faculty in IT, IS, CIS, MIS and/or CS who are interested in teaching and curriculum development in areas related to storage and data management.

Recommended Citation: Conway, M., Hua, D. M., (2012). The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.29 n.2064, New Orleans, LA.