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2012 ISECON Proceedings
New Orleans LA

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Workshop Presentation

A Strategic Course Redesign to Hybrid Format Using Online Technologies

Jennifer Feda Grant
Augsburg College

This workshop includes an analysis of a course redesign from face-to-face to hybrid format, a discussion of best practices in online teaching, a demonstration of an online classroom using various online technologies, and a case study synopsis of implementing the redesigned course. The course used was a mid-level overview of management information systems. The redesign used L. Dee Fink’s Creating Significant Learning Experiences, and D. Randy Garrison & Norman D. Vaughan’s Blended Learning in Higher Education, as well as best practices from SLOAN-C Consortium: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric to your Online Course. Major design principles used in the course established three teaching presences, introduced caring as a focus leading to critical thinking to understand decision-making, helped students learn how to learn, honored web accessibility, increased group collaboration, and reduced counterproductive behaviors such as cheating. Students used document sharing, forums, chat, wikis, polls, peer review, avatars, images, videos, and voice technology. Many technological concepts are abstract, particularly at the organizational or complex systems level, and students often struggle with synthesizing the components. The hybrid redesign enabled students to bridge their understanding into deeper levels of meaning as well as learned how to collaborate more effectively.

Targeted Attendees
This workshop targets educators, managers, and technology professionals interested in strategies used to teach information systems concepts, course redesign, and using online learning technologies.

Recommended Citation: Grant, J. F., (2012). The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.29 n.2059, New Orleans, LA.