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2012 ISECON Proceedings
New Orleans LA

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Workshop Presentation

Becoming "AGILE" with Teaching Systems Analysis and Design

Wayne E Pauli
Dakota State University

Tom Wessel
Davisbase Consulting

Mitchel Bergman
Dakota State University

Zachary Anderson
Dakota State University

For many years the perceived correct way to teach systems analysis and design has been through the traditional approaches and methodologies that have been derived from the Waterfall approach. The Waterfall methodology is not broken, it still works very well. It is just that the next generation of developers may need to be more agile in how they develop software solutions through streamlining the system development life cycle. The purpose of the workshop would be to discuss the development of a curriculum that would focus on teaching programming-centric methodologies where modeling and documentation overhead are eliminated and face-to-face is the preferred communication route. According to Alan Dennis of Indiana University, Barbara Haley Wixom of the University of Virginia, and Roberta M. Roth of the University of Northern Iowa, “Agile development practices were created in part because of dissatisfaction with the sequential, inflexible structure of waterfall-based approaches.” Studies are showing that Agile is making large gains in the development world, and are nearing an even split with waterfall. Based on this assumption, I would propose to create a workshop that would model a curriculum for a three credit undergraduate class, and open for discussion concepts of best practices from interested participants in creating the curriculum as well as content for such a class.

Targeted Attendees
Information Systems faculty, especially those teaching the Systems Analysis and Project Management courses.

Recommended Citation: Pauli, W. E., Wessel, T., Bergman, M., Anderson, Z., (2012). The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.29 n.2058, New Orleans, LA.