2012 ISECON Proceedings
New Orleans LA

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Conference Highlights/Program

Award Winning Papers

Best Paper of ISECON Conference

Developing a Bachelor's Program in Health Information Technology (1923)
Eliabeth Howard
Cathy Bishop-Clark
Donna Evans
Anthony W. Rose
Miami University

Distinguished Papers (top 5%)

A Design Quality Learning Unit in Relational Data Modeling Based on Thriving Systems Properties (1908)
Leslie Waguespack
Bentley University

A Database Management Assessment Instrument (1913)
Jeffrey Landry
J. Harold Pardue
Roy Daigle
Bart Longenecker
University of South Alabama

Information Technology Management: Course Re-Design Using an Assessment Driven Approach (1922)
Ken Surendran
Dana Schwieger
Southeast Missouri State University

Wiki Mass Authoring for Experiential Learning: A Case Study (1938)
J. Harold Pardue
Jeffrey Landry
Robert Sweeny
University of South Alabama

Meritorious Papers (top 15%)

Relational Algebra and SQL: Better Together (1906)
Kirby McMaster, Fort Lewis College
Samuel Sambasivan, Azusa Pacific University
Steven Hadfield, U.S. Airforce Academy
Stuart Wolthuis, Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Flipping Excel (1914)
Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University

A Comprehensive Survey on Cyberbullying Perceptions
at a Major Metropolitan University: Faculty Perceptions
John C. Molluzzo
James Lawler
Pace University

Fostering Entreprenuership in the CIS Sandbox (1926)
Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University

Reassessing the Skills Required of Graduates of an
Information Systems Program: An Updated Analysis
John Legier
Belle Woodward
Nancy L. Martin
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Meritorious Ph.D. Paper

A Conceptual Framework for Establishing Suitable Dynamic Platforms for
Teaching Web Applications Development in Tertiary Institutions
Johnson Dehinbo
Tshwane Univrsity of Technologyy

A Systematic Approach to Faculty Development Towards
Improved Capability in Tertiary Teaching in a Blended Learning Evironment
Ashraf Badawood, Taif University
Annette Steenkamp, Lawrence Technological University

Meritorious Master Student / Faculty Paper

Requisition of Competition: Spurring Wireless Telecommunication in the U.S. (1933)
Keith Greats
Ulku Yaylacecigi
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Parts of this work were completed as part of Keith Greats’s degree requirement
for the Masters of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems at UNC Wilmington