2012 ISECON Proceedings
New Orleans LA

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“Do not use Comic Sans unless you are eight years old and writing about unicorns.”

Michelle Louch
Robert Morris University

Elizabeth Stork
Robert Morris University

Thursday - 11/1/2012 in Cabildo Salon at 5:00 pm

In the business world, countless dollars are spent on marketing research as businesses seek the perfect typeface to represent their product. What this research has shown, time and time again, is that consumers are strongly influenced by the appearance of the words in the advertisement or the brand name. More....

Designing a Performance Management System to Make a Difference - A Teaching Case

Kelley Donalds
Bridgewater State University

Thursday - 11/1/2012 in Pontalba Salon at 5:00 pm

In this teaching case, students identify design features and develop screen mockups for a performance management (PM) system. The case is based on the author’s ongoing work with a non-profit organization and the portrayed events and names are fictitious. More....

Hands-on Experience: What Are We Doing to Improve Student Learning in Computer Networking and Data Communications Courses

Nita Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University

Friday - 11/2/2011 in Cabildo Salon at 5:15 pm

The focus of this research study is to examine current uses of and opportunities for providing hands-on labs and activities in data communications and networking courses offered in information systems degree programs specifically within colleges of business. More....

Mobile technologies, social media, and crowdsourcing: how students get their local news

Jennifer Breese-Vitelli
Macon State College

Simone McMillion
Macon State College

Maura Vitelli
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Friday - 11/2/2011 in Pontalba Salon at 5:15 pm

The ways we receive and the sources we rely onto deliver the news are changing. The main interface for local news consumption is beginning to shift toward mobile devices (Purcell, Rainie, Rosenstiel, & Mitchell, 2011). However, the Pew American Life Project (2011) pointed out that among the adults that do use a mobile device to view local news, viewing behavior has shown that there is not one group that produces a distinct pattern of viewing behavior, but many (Olmstead, Rosenstiel & Mitchell, 2011). More....

Enhancing Student Internships by Incorporating Ideas from an Industry Advisory Board

Doncho Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University

Craig Erwin
Eastern Connecticut State University

Alex Citurs
Eastern Connecticut State University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Bienville Room at 10:15 am

This short talk summarizes the ideas generated on issues reflecting student internships. It is part of research in progress aiming at developing of a better understanding of the functioning of industry advisory boards. More.... .

Financial Innovation in High-Frequency Trading (H-FT) as a Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program,

James Lawler
Pace University

Anthony Joseph
Pace University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Cabildo Salon at 10:15 am

The curricula of information systems can be enhanced with entrepreneurship and innovation. In this paper the authors explore innovation practices in high-frequency trading (HF-T) in financial firms. The goal is to form from a case study a best practice model of portfolio and risk management practices in high-frequency trading systems that may be included in a concentration of technology entrepreneurship in a school of computer science and information systems. More.... .

“Hello, IT – Have you Tried Turning it off and on Again?” – Using Help Desk Software to Teach Enterprise Networking to Undergraduate Students

Thomas Imboden
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Gallier Salon at 10:15 am

One common tool employed by information technology departments, whether they be run by a single jack-of-all-trades IT tech or a multi-national corporation, is the help desk or ticket tracking application. This presentation discusses how the author made use of free academic licensing of a popular help desk application, BMC Track-It!, to teach students networking, security, and soft skills in an enterprise networking course for undergraduate students.More....

Introductory Programming - Blended vs Traditional Modality

Melissa Smith
University of South Alabama

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in La Nouvelle Orleans West at 10:15 am

Online education is increasingly being adopted by four-year institutions to accommodate the needs of distance learners as well as students who desire a more flexible course offering. However, in computing programs, the introductory programming course pose particular challenges which are not faced by traditional lecture based courses. Concepts taught in a programming class need to include explanations of how a language works and not simply the provision of facts. More....

Why IT Education Matters: A Preliminary Study of the Value of an Information Systems Education

Richard McCarthy
Quinnipiac University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Pontalba Salon at 10:15 am

Abstract Beginning in 2001 there was a significant drop in enrollment in information systems programs throughout the United States. Early in the decade it was attributed to the DOT.Com bubble burst and outsourcing of information systems jobs offshore creating a bleak outlook for the prospects of careers in this field.More....

Reflecting on Religious Principles for Teaching Ethical Values in an E-Business Course

Abdulrahman Mirza
King Saud University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Bienville Room at 3:15 pm

There are many ethical issues and values that need to be presented to students when teaching an e-business course. Such concerns include the privacy of a person’s personal information and data; the authenticity and integrity of product or customer data being sent across the web; the behavior and manners of sellers and buyers, who are able to communicate remotely but without seeing each other; the ability to exchange financial value for products safely without being subject to credit card fraud or theft; and, website vandalism. More....

Exploring Integration Issues in A Blended Mobile Learning Model context oriented applied to a Requirement Engineering course – Mobility, Context And Cloud

Fernando Moreira
Portucalense University

Maria João Ferreira
Portucalense University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Cabildo Salon at 3:15 pm

The teaching is undergoing an evolution that goes from the traditional lecture classroom, through distance learning (e_Learning), to the combination of the two forms – Blended Learning (b_Learning). In this context, and given past experiences of teaching evolution and more specifically teaching-learning process in institutions of higher education is moving from a traditional model to a Blended Mobile Learning (BML) model.More....

Academic Integrity Policies and Practices: Can Cloud’s Centralization Become an Enabler?

Sherrie Cannoy
North Carolina A&T State University

Ewuuk Lomo-David
North Carolina A&T State University

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in Gallier Salon at 3:15 pm

Universities have become increasingly concerned about violations of academic integrity policies by students, faculty and staff. Technological advances such as internet and nefarious use of cellphones on tests have been blamed for aiding ease of cheating. Can Cloud be an enabler of cheating? University academic integrity policies communicate what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and results of violations. More....

Relational Divide

J. Harold Pardue
University of South Alabama

Eric Kyper
Lynchburg College

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in La Nouvelle Orleans East at 3:15 pm

The divide operator in relational databases is an underused tool. This is mainly due to the conceptual complexities of understanding how and when to use the operator in practice. To further complicate the issue many relational database systems still do not support the divide operator; the only workaround is nested “not exists” clauses. More....

An Alternative Approach to Computer Literacy - A Work in Process

Debra Chapman
University of South Alabama

Saturday - 11/3/2011 in La Nouvelle Orleans West at 3:15 pm

A computer proficiency problem has emerged at the University of South Alabama. Basic computing skills are required by many, if not most, courses at the university and all of our students are required to demonstrate computer proficiency as a graduation requirement; however, this is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. More....