Information Systems Education Conference
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2011 ISECON Proceedings
Wilmington NC

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Conference Highlights/Program

Workshop Presentation

New Approaches in Introductory Course Methods and Materials (Pearson Education)

Betsy Nixon
Pearson Education

Bob Horan
Pearson Education

1) Interactive Digital Simulations that enhance comprehension of core topics and foster decision making---Coming in Wallace; Information Systems in Organizations 1e (Jan 2012) 2) Teaching the Introductory Course with a Business Process orientation including optional SAP exercises (Coming in Kroenke/McKinney; Process, Systems and Information, 1e (Jan 2012)

Targeted Attendees
All Introductory MIS professors

Recommended Citation: Nixon, B., Horan, B., (2011). The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.28 n.1769, Wilmington NC.