2011 ISECON Proceedings

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Capstone Experience

A Decade Review of a Masters-Level Real-World-Projects Capstone Course , (1661)
Cloud Computing for Capstone Software Development Courses, (1692)
Considerations for Integrating and Sustaining Experiential Learning and a Capstone Experience, (1702)

Distance Education Challenges

Behind the Final Grade in Hybrid v. Traditional Courses: Comparing Student Performance by Assessment Type, Core Competency, and Course Objective, (1666)
Comparatively Assessing The Use Of Blackboard Versus Desire2learn: Faculty Perceptions Of The Online Tools, (1676)
Data Analytics in Evaluating Student Forum: A Study of Sampled Forum Data , (1697)
Distance in IS Education and Managing Change: A Task-Focused Framework, (1703)
E-Learning and Distance Learning as a Sustainable Enterprise of the Future: a Business Model, (1776)
Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Hybrid Learning in Higher Education, (1780)
Ideas Tried, Lessons Learned and Improvements to Make: A Journey in Moving a Spreadsheet-Intensive Course Online, (1691)
Implementation of a Distance MS-CIS Program: Lessons Learned & Principles for Success , (1605)
Improving the LMS Selection Process: Instructor Concerns, Usage and Perceived Value of Online Course Delivery Tools , (1683)
Introducing a Graduate Skills Business Unit into a Business Degree in Malaysia Using a Transnational Delivery Model, (1620)
Is Student Performance On The Information Sys-tems Analyst Certification Exam Affected By Form Of Delivery Of Information Systems Coursework?, (1662)
Towards a Consistent Model Information Systems Curriculum, (1602)

Enrollment Trends

Factors influencing students' decisions to major in a computer-related discipline, (1665)
Will Computer Engineer Barbie® impact young women’s career choices?, (1672)

Ethics Education

A Framework for Addressing Ethics in the Digital Age , (1624)
A Study of the Perceptions of College Students on Cyberbullying , (1633)
An Ethics Whirlwind: A Perspective of the Digital Lifestyle of Digital Natives and Initial Thoughts on Ethics Education in Technology, (1618)
An Expanded Study of Net Generation Perceptions on Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sites (SNS) , (1634)
Analysis Of Academic Integrity Policies In A University System, (1785)
Students’ Responses to Ethical Dilemmas in an Academic Setting and in the Work Place, (1616)
Will They or Won’t They? Exploring Ethical Judgment, Gender, Age, Geographic Region, and Behavioral Intent , (1636)

Green IT Education

Challenges of Designing, Developing and Teaching an Undergraduate Course on IT and Environment for IS, IT, CS majors and as a General Education for all Students, (1617)

Integration w/other Disciplines

CIS Program Redesign Driven By IS2010 Model: A Case Study, (1610)
Cloud Computing as a Core Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program, (1607)
Corporate Boards and Technology: What they need to know, (1783)
Digital Age: Technology Progress in Developing Countries, (1630)

IS Classroom Cases

A Database Design and Development Case: Home Theater Video , (1755)
A Database Design and Development Case: Smile Land Academy, (1741)
Creating Visualizations from Multimedia Building Blocks: A Simple Approach to Teaching Programming Concepts , (1619)
Social Media as a Tool for Product Launches: How DISCO saved $100,000 , (1745)
Teaching Introductory Visual Basic Using MS Team Foundation Server, (1786)
Technology and the Evolution of the Workplace, (1747)

IS Research toward Educators

A Projection of Skills Needed By Web Design Architects for 2013, (1701)
Determinants of an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy, (1623)
Does the Instructor’s Experience as a Practitioner Affect the Purpose and Content of the Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design Course?, (1664)
Emerging Technologies: Public Health Educators’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Global Sensor Networks , (1694)
The Need for Mobile Application Development in IS Curricula: An Innovation and Disruptive Technologies Perspective, (1682)
Whatever Happened to Richard Reid’s List of First Programming Languages?, (1681)

Masters Student/Faculty Papers

Involuntary Commitment Application: An Online Training Module, (1637)
The Importance of Written Security Policy for any Network Connection, (1774)

Model Curriculum - Extensions

Enterprise Architecture – An Analysis of IS 2010’s Newest Core Course, (1678)

Other Topics

A Low Cost Green Virtual Machine Vending System, (1787)
Adjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: A Longitudinal Look, (1670)
Carolina Road House:An Undergraduate Case for Basic Excel, (1789)
Revisiting Tinker vs. Des Moines School District: How Technological Advances Change the Notion of “Disruption” within the Classroom , (1698)

Outcomes Assessment

A Case Study: Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Computer Science and Technology , (1606)
Analysis of the Effectiveness of Traditional Versus Hybrid Student Performance for An Introductory Computing Course, (1628)
Measuring Assurance of Learning Goals: Effectiveness of Computer Training and Assessment Tools , (1658)

Panels - ISECON

A Tool for Program Review, Assessment and Accreditation: The Information Systems Assessment Test, (1766)
Beyond Twitter and Facebook: Integrating Social Software Tools in the Classroom , (1795)
Developing and Publishing IS Teaching Cases, (1791)
Educational Modeling Tools for Planning, Analysis and Design Courses, (1799)
First Time Attendee Welcoming Session, (1765)
IBM Teams Up with You to Develop Students’ Business Analytics Skills, (1797)
IS 2010 & ABET Accreditation: Perspectives and Issues on the Current Iteration, (1761)
Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) Insight and Advice on Publishing Your Research, (1763)
Model Curriculum "Wiki" Birds of a Feather Panel Session, (1770)
New approaches to student engagement in the Intro IS/MIS course. , (1796)
The Tenth Strand: Proposing a Separate Course in Societal and Ethical Issues for Information Systems Majors, (1775)
Using Google Docs and Shared Media Prims to facilitate interaction and collaboration in Second Life, (1794)
Volunteering for EDSIG, (1793)


A Curriculum Design System For Information Systems Programs, (1649)
A Design Quality Learning Unit in OO Modeling Bridging the Engineer and the Artist, (1625)
A Health Informatics Curriculum Compatible with IS 2010 and IMIA Recommendations for an Undergraduate Degree , (1689)
ALICE In Online And On-Campus Environments – How Well Is It Received?, (1613)
Beyond the Bake Sale: Fundraising and Professional Experience for Students Involved in an Information Systems Student Chapter , (1647)
Connecting the Cloud to Theory: Applying Carr and Christensen to advance the strategic understanding of cloud computing, (1696)
Designing an Introductory CIS Course to Attract and Retain Female (and Male) Students , (1642)
Developing an Introductory Level MIS Project in Accordance with AACSB Assurance of Learning Standard 15, (1629)
Facing the Challenges of IS Education for the Net Generation, (1631)
Fusing Communication and Writing Skills in The 21st Century’s IT/IS Curricula, (1608)
Health Informatics as an ABET-CAC Accreditable IS Program, (1656)
Improving Student Numeracy Skills Through a Combined MIS/DS Course with Traditional and Online Teaching Methods , (1651)
Market Basket Analysis for Non-Programmers, (1657)
Microsoft Enterprise Consortium: A Resource for Teaching Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Database Management Systems, (1660)
Multiple Submissions and their Impact on the ‘Path of Learning’ , (1659)
Peter Drucker and David Allen: Toward a model of increased knowledge worker effectiveness, (1781)
Preparing for a Career as a Network Engineer, (1626)
Problem Solving Frameworks for Mathematics and Software Development , (1653)
Reasserting the Fundamentals of Systems Analysis and Design through the Rudiments of Artifacts , (1671)
Software Engineering Frameworks: Textbooks vs. Student Perceptions , (1603)
Strategies for Ensuring Computer Literacy Among Undergraduate Business Students: A Marketing Survey of ACBSP-Accredited Schools , (1784)
Strategies for Ensuring Computer Literacy Among Undergraduate Business Students: A Marketing Survey of AACSB-Accredited Schools, (1643)
Systems Analysis and Design: Know your audience, (1673)
Teaching Management Information Systems as a General Education Requirement (GER) Capstone, (1635)
The Learning and Productivity Benefits to Student Programmers from Real-World Development Environments, (1648)
The Silver Lining: A Teaching Case Using Google Docs to Illustrate Cloud Computing Concepts , (1641)
The Value of Internships in the Information Systems Curriculum: A Case Study, (1779)
Treating the Healthcare Workforce Crisis: A Prescription for a Health Informatics Curriculum, (1674)
Using Easy Excel Tools with Clickers to Make large or Small Classes on Any Subject Immediately Engaging, (1622)
Virtual Environments, Immersive Learning Simulations, and Serious Games as New Instructional Technology for Information Systems Students, (1782)
Visual Basic Programming Impact on Cognitive Style of College Students: Need for Prerequisites , (1615)
Wikis as a Student Collaborative Tool, (1601)

PhD Papers / WIP

A Conceptual Framework for Implementing E-Learning Technologies in Rural Settings., (1638)
Politexting:Using Mobile Technology to Connect the Unconnected and Expanding the Scope of Political Communication, (1675)

Security and Assurance Education

Global Assurance, (1772)

Workshops - ISE

Creating Windows Mobile Apps, (1764)
Creating Windows Mobile Apps (continuted), (1798)
Data Mining Methods Workshop Using SQL Server Analysis Services (ends 3:45), (1792)
Fostering Integration of Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities into CS/IS Schools, (1762)
Improve student outcomes by adding SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) to your course! (Cengage Learning), (1767)
Improving your effectiveness in teaching IT Project Management, (1768)
New Approaches in Introductory Course Methods and Materials (Pearson Education), (1769)