Information Systems Education Conference
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2011 ISECON Proceedings
Wilmington NC

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Panel Presentation

Developing and Publishing IS Teaching Cases

Michael Alan Smith
High Point University

Robert M Ballenger
Washington and Lee University

Using cases is a way to make course content more relevant. By working current, real-world issues into course coverage and depicting problems in a more realistic way than is commonly done in textbooks, cases can make the material both more interesting and relevant to students. Topics include: Kinds of teaching cases and where each fits pedagogically. Where to get ideas for cases. How to develop an interesting case. What we’re trying to build in ISECON.

Targeted Attendees
This panel is for people interested in developing teaching cases, especially those that incorporate multimedia elements such as images, sounds, videos and other supporting elements. The leaders of the panel have all created teaching cases and will discuss the development process. If you are interested in developing teaching cases or if you are just curious about the process, this will be an interesting discussion for you.

Recommended Citation: Smith, M. A., Ballenger, R. M., (2011). The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.28 n.1791, Wilmington NC.