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ISECON 2006 Photographs

Ronald I. Frank    [a1] [a2]
Pace University    [u1] [u2]
Pleasantville, New York, USA    [c1] [c2]

The following photographs were taken by Ronald I. Frank and are shared in the ISECON Proceedings with his encouragement.

The planning meeting for ISECON 2006 was held in Dallas on April 2, 2005. The night before, the EDSIG board held a working dinner where these photographs were taken.

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photo/graphicjpg956 K bytesSweeney, Varden, Johnson, Johnson, Colton, Sivitanides, Thomas, Grant
photo/graphicjpg951 K bytesThomas, Grant, Leidig, Hsu, Sweeney, Varden
photo/graphicjpg754 K bytesBob Sweeney (EDSIG Treasurer)
photo/graphicjpg988 K bytesStuart Varden (2004 EDSIG President), Dena Johnson
photo/graphicjpg960 K bytesDena Johnson (2006 ISECON Chair, EDSIG Membership Director) and husband
photo/graphicjpg684 K bytesDon Colton (2005 ISECON Chair, EDSIG Executive Vice President)
photo/graphicjpg673 K bytesMarcos Sivitanides (2007 ISECON Chair, EDSIG board member)
photo/graphicjpg858 K bytesMargaret Thomas (EDSIG board member)
photo/graphicjpg1050 K bytesKen Grant (EDSIG board member)
photo/graphicjpg1025 K bytesPaul Leidig (2005 EDSIG President)

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