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Welcome to ISECON

Dear ISECON Participants:

I recently heralded the year, 2003 as a banner year for both ISECON 2003 in San Diego and also for the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE). ISECON and JISE represent the fruits of our labor each year, and both continue to flourish and prosper. I hope that you will agree that this year’s ISECON in San Diego will be both exciting and rewarding with a myriad of quality papers, articles and workshops. Please attend an excellent array of workshops on “hot-hot-hot”, leading-edge subjects including VB.Net and the MS.Net Framework, Object-Oriented Analysis and a host of e-Commerce and web development sessions led by experts in the field. The value added in workshops alone far exceeds the cost investment in ISECON. Please consider attending one of these excellent sessions on Thursday.

This year, EDSIG and ISECON will publish the Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ) and will include in its’ first issue many quality papers of ISECON 2003. A manifestation of the presence of the new ISEDJ is an over-all higher quality paper submission. It is hoped that this electronic journal can help propel the quality of the ISECON submittals to greater heights. The essential goal of the journal is to insure that the papers are of high quality. This, in turn, will generate greater educator interest in attending ISECON, gaining a “journal” publication in ISEDJ, and the opportunity to present the work at the conference.

I want to thank the EDSIG board for their hard work and dedication in bringing to fruition the 2003 ISECON in San Diego. The board includes: Stuart Varden (Pace), David Feinstein, (U. of S. Alabama), David Zolzer (Northwestern State), Margaret Thomas (Ohio University), Jennifer Thomas (Pace), Don Colton (BYU Hawaii), Ken Grant (Ryerson University), Dena Johnson (Tarleton State), Paul Leidig (Grand Valley State U.), Jens Liegle (Georgia State University), Al Harris, Editor of JISE (Appalachian State U.) and Bruce White (Chair of ISECON), (Quinnipiac University).

I especially want to thank Bruce White for a quality job in chairing the conference. Without Bruce, none of this would happen. Chairing a conference is no easy task and carries with it a tremendous responsibility. Bruce did a good job in coordinating this effort. He is to be commended for his tireless work and answering and responding to the literal hundreds of email and phone messages over the past few months.

I also want to thank Al Harris for his editorship of JISE. JISE, of course, is our shining star when it comes to quality publications. Please consider submitting an article to the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE).

Without Don Colton there would not be an ISEDJ to represent the quality papers of ISECON. Don almost single-handedly brought ISEDJ into our hands. Thank you, Don, for taking the “bull by the horns” and making it happen! Now, we actually have three products rather than two thanks to your effort.

Next year we are going back East. We will be in Providence, RI. Start making your plans now to attend ISECON 2004.

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Jack Russell    [a1] [a2]
EDSIG President 2003
Northwestern State University    [u1] [u2]
Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA    [c1] [c2]

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