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Recommended Citation: Werner, L A.  A New Perspective on Grading.  In The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference 2002, v 19 (San Antonio): §242a. ISSN: 1542-7382.

A New Perspective on Grading

Laurie A. Werner    [a1] [a2]
Department of Computer and Information Technology
Miami University    [u1] [u2]
Hamilton, Ohio, USA    [c1] [c2]

Instructors strive to achieve fair, valid and equitable grading scales. Determining an appropriate grading methodology in an introductory course that has several components can be difficult. The purpose of this paper is to present a grading system that is simple, flexible, and reflects the quality of students' work, despite the variety of components that comprise the final grades. This grading method takes the process of posting student grades on the web one step further and enables both student and instructor to have a complete picture of students' progress throughout the semester. There is current research that suggests that an up to the minute letter grade evaluation can provide incentive for students to increase learning during the semester.

Keywords: grading method, grading as learning motivation, posting grades on the web

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