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Welcome to ISECON

David L. Feinstein    [a1] [a2]
President, EDSIG
School of Computer and Information Sciences
University of South Alabama    [u1] [u2]
Mobile, Alabama, USA    [c1] [c2]


The Eighteenth Annual Conference
for Information Systems Educators

Dear Colleagues:

As I write this welcome six weeks before we meet in the Queen City of Cincinnati, I am still very close to the horrific events of September 11. All of us have been touched by the events of that day. I am convinced that it is through the kind of interactions that we can have at meetings such as ISECON where we learn about the strengths of our diversity that we can, in some small way, make the world a better and safer place for all.

With that said, welcome to ISECON. The theme of this year's annual conference is "Information Systems Education, Technology in the 21st Century: Where Innovation and Information Converge." For the eighteenth time we as information systems educators are gathered together to share ideas to help make our teaching better. As you look through the Proceedings you will see a superb set of thoughtful contributions to this year's conference. Your greatest challenge will be figuring out which sessions to attend. The general sessions have outstanding speakers who I am sure will stimulate much discussion. Possibly more important is the opportunity to network with other IS educators during the breaks and social functions.

EDSIG is pleased to co-sponsor this event with the AITP's Education Foundation. EDSIG continues to grow and add activities and services. The past few years saw many accomplishments. In addition to ISECON, our journal, Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) provides a stimulating forum for the publication and exchange of ideas of the community of IS educators. Plans for continued expansion are underway. Contact the editor, Al Harris (, for more information.

As part of ISECON EDSIG has the distinct privilege of recognizing an outstanding IS educator each year and awarding that individual the Educator of the Year citation. The list of recipients reads like a "Who's Who" in IS education. I take particular pleasure this year since the recipient is an individual I have worked closely with for over two decades. Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr. (Bart) certainly is a worthy addition to this highly respected group.

Plans are already being made for the conference in 2002 when we will return to San Antonio. Dave Zolzer ( will chair and I am sure he will be looking for volunteers and contributors. For those of you who were there a few years ago and remember the floods, we have a guarantee that the weather will be sunny and clear.

EDSIG is a volunteer organization. Our strength is in our membership and our volunteers. I encourage all of you to become more acquainted with our organization and help further IS education. Visit our website at to learn more about us.

David L. Feinstein
President, EDSIG

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