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Recommended Citation: Varden, S A.  Welcome to ISECON 2001.  In The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference 2001, v 18 (Cincinnati): §00g.

Welcome to ISECON 2001

Stuart A. Varden    [a1] [a2]
ISECON 2001 Conference Chair
School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Pace University    [u1] [u2]
White Plains, New York, USA    [c1] [c2]




Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to ISECON 2001. This year brings the ISECON Conference to historic Cincinnati, the Queen City, along the Ohio River.

The conference offers over 120 presentations including 102 refereed papers, 6 workshops, and 3 panels. In addition to these activities, there is a program of dynamic and highly interesting invited speakers and "special feature" presentations that exemplify this year's conference theme: Technology in the 21st Century -- Where Innovation and Information Converge. And there are our usual status updates on important educational issues, such as IS program accreditation and IS model curricula.

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding effort put forth by this year's ISECON 2001 Organizing Committee. Our Proceedings team, Dr. William Tastle, Ithaca College, our Papers Chair, Dr. Susan Feather, Pace University, and Dr. Michael Payne, Purdue University, Associate Papers Chairs, has significantly improved the paper quality through their hard work. And Dr. Donald Colton from Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus, our Proceedings Chair and Editor, has done his usual outstanding job. Also, our Program Co-Chairs, Prof. Neelima Bhatnagar, University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown and Dr. Charles Woratscheck, Robert Morris College, have done a wonderful job under trying circumstances. And once again we have strong vendor participation due to the worthy efforts of Prof. Margaret Thomas, Ohio University and Anne Marie Smith, La Salle University.

And the support and guidance of the Education Foundation through this year's President, Dr. Brian Reithel, Director, William Reaugh, and President-Elect of AITP, Kevin Jetton, and has been very helpful. Just as instrumental has been the work and support of the EDSIG Board. Finally, the work of the folks at the University of South Alabama under the leadership of EDSIG President, Dr. David Feinstein, has been indispensable.

But most of all, I wish to express my gratitude to you, the conference participants and attendees, who put aside your reluctance to travel during this most stressful time in the nation's history. I realize that you most likely have undergone inconvenience and some hardship to be here. The ISECON team and I salute you.

Stuart A. Varden, Ed.D.
Pace University
ISECON 2001 Conference Chair

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