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ISECON History

The first ISECON, titled as the "National Conference on Information Systems Education sponsored by the DPMA Education Foundation" was held from March 22-24, 1982 at the McCormick Inn in Chicago. Below is a complete list of all past ISECON years and locations.

1982 1st Chicago, IL
1983 2nd Baltimore, MD
1984 3rd Anaheim, CA
1985 4th Houston, TX
1986 5th Atlanta, GA
1987 6th San Francisco, CA
1988 7th Dallas, TX
1990 8th Chicago, IL
1992 9th Nashville, TN
1993 10th Phoenix, AZ
1994 11th Louisville, KY
1995 12th Charlotte, NC
1996 13th St. Louis, MO
1997 14th Orlando, FL
1998 15th San Antonio, TX
1999 16th Chicago, IL
2000 17th Philadelphia, PA
2001 18th Cincinnati, OH
2002 19th San Antonio, TX

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