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Welcome to ISECON 2000

Stuart A. Varden    [a1] [a2]
ISECON 2000 Conference Chair
Pace University    [u1] [u2]




Dear Colleagues:

This year brings the ISECON Conference to the northeast and historic Philadelphia for the first time. This is most apropos as we enter a new millennium we break new ground while reflecting on the accomplishments of the past to inform future practice. When the first ISECON was held in Chicago in 1982, few colleges and universities offered programs in Information System. Now hardly a school fails to offer one, although under many names and of many flavors.

In this year's ISECON Proceedings - the first to be in CD format with an accompanying Abstract Proceedings - you will find 144 entries including 126 refereed papers, 11 workshops, and 7 panels. Included among the works are representatives of eight countries from five continents.

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding effort put forth by this year's ISECON 2000 Organizing Committee. The sun hardly set on the Committee, as team members conducted their work from Great Britain to Hawaii and a dozen places in between. I must single out this year's Proceedings team, Dr. Judy Caouette and Dr. Bel Raggad from Pace University, our Papers Co-Chairs, and Dr. Don Colton from Brigham Young University--Hawaii Campus, our Proceedings Chair, for the wonderful job that they have done. In particular, Don has shown imaginative leadership in guiding us into new territory with this year's proceedings.

And the support and guidance of the Education Foundation through this year's President, Dr. Brian Reithel and Director, William Reaugh, has been very helpful. Just as instrumental has been the work and support of the EDSIG Board and its President, Dr. William Tastle. Also, the work of the folks at the University of South Alabama under the leadership of EDSIG Vice President, Dr. David Feinstein, has been indispensable.

Finally, it is with much gratitude and appreciation that I recognize the encouragement and very tangible support of Pace University and its School of Computer Science and Information Systems under the leadership of Dr. Susan M. Merritt.

Stuart A. Varden
Pace University
ISECON 2000 Conference Chair

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